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Sports stars appear to have it all. Glamour, wealth, success. But have you ever wondered what happens to an athlete that gets injured when they’re at the top of their game? Or has to retire at the ripe old age of 30? What’s next for them? What do they do with the long stretch of life that awaits? How do they cope with stepping out of the spotlight and living in the real world?

In this podcast, brought to you by Everything Sports, we reveal the little known stories of athletes that are forced to step out of the spotlight, either because of an unexpected injury, or after they retire at the end of a stellar career. We pull back the curtains and look ‘behind the scenes’ at the lives of these ‘fallen stars’. These athletes share inspiring stories that show true courage and determination as they make their way back into everyday life.

The journey to stardom is a long and ardous one… but the journey back is often harder. Jay Bandy — the founder of Everything Sports and the host of the Everything Sports podcast — was forced to retire early from a promising career because of an unexpected injury. Join Jay as he talks to other athletes who share similar experiences on their journey back from stardom and how they found meaning in their new lives.

Athlete or not - this podcast brought to you by Everything Sports has inspiring stories for anyone who’s looking to find meaning and inspiration in this journey we call life.

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