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GILBERT | PRIDE Falcon Headgear

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Show your PRIDE in Gilbert's Rainbow Falcon Scrum Cap!

This headguard utilizes high-end features for great flexibility, fit, and performance, while maintaining an affordable price point. The flexible 3-dimensional design with molded foam configuration provides a comfortable fit for all head shapes and sizes. Cut out ear sections allow for improved communication, and the lace closure system allows for an adjustable fit.

Protects against cuts, chaffing, cauliflower ear, and abrasions. Scrum caps are NOT designed to protect players from concussions and other traumatic head injuries.


  • Flexible 3D Design and hex padding - provides a comfortable fit
  • Hollowed out ear sections - allows for improved hearing & communication
  • Molded Foam Configuration - allows for flexible fit hat comfortable and sable for all head shapes and sizes
  • Small holes located around the headguard - provides ventilation so players's body temperatures surge
  • Lace closure - provides adjustable fit
  • Lightweight breathable mesh lining which wicks sweat away from head. Fabric has been treated to reduce the growth of bacteria and mold from sweat / wet mud.
  • Ideal for forwards in scrums and rucks, but wearable by all
  • World Rugby Approved
  • Color: Multi-colored (rainbow stripes throughout)
  • Gilbert logo on front
GILBERT |  PRIDE Falcon Headgear