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EVERYTHING SPORTS | Design your own : T-Shirt

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Turnaround is 6 weeks from design approval to delivery.

Design your own uniform.

By selecting either Mens Womens / Youth to open the designer

  • Pick your design
  • Pick your colours
  • Add your logo

Once you complete the designer and transaction we will respond to finalise the design and any other queries you have. Once the design is approved, it will be manufactured specifically for you and delivered to your door ready to play! 

Turnaround is 6 weeks from design approval to delivery.


ActivTek OzTag Tee is made from high-end fabric and materials that are durable, fitted and exceptionally comfortable. Used by some of the world’s best athletes, the ActivTek OzTag Tee also offers professional-grade performance quality for a great value.

Customise your ActivTek OzTag Tee with as many logos, text characters, colours, and numbers as you want, at no additional cost. Our smooth and simple design process leaves you in charge of your uniform’s look, so you end up with the exact style you need. Whether it’s uniforms for your business or sports team, don’t worry, your order will not go to production without your final approval at checkout! If there are any questions you may have, feel free to contact us or visit our how it works.

EVERYTHING SPORTS | Design your own : T-ShirtEVERYTHING SPORTS | Design your own : T-Shirt