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Rugby Bricks

Rugby Bricks| Rebounder Training Ball

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The Rebounder Training Ball allows athletes and coaches to practice their skills by themselves. The Rebounder Training Ball is a half rugby ball with a flat base and is the same weight as a match ball, allowing players to pass against a wall without a partner.

The durable rubber surface simulates a real ball so passing practice can be accurate and efficient, ready for game day. With the Gilbert truflight valve, the Rebounder Size 5 Training Ball can keep inflated like a regular rugby ball.

The balls arrive deflated and are made from thermo-grip rubber which mimics the exact same in-game passing flight path and speed. 

Be sure to also grab the Rugby Bricks Rebounder Passing Program. Inside of this program, you'll gain access to specific coaching cues for each drill and how to organise your rebounder ball passing sessions. View on our PROGRAMS Tab at the top.
Rugby Bricks| Rebounder Training BallRugby Bricks| Rebounder Training BallRugby Bricks| Rebounder Training Ball