005: Scott Sattler - Everything worthwhile in life, generally start with 30 seconds of courage

005: Scott Sattler - Everything worthwhile in life, generally start with 30 seconds of courage

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Key take outs

  • Scott was always one of the fittest guys on the field due to his preparation & dedication. Never one of the most talented but prided himself on his hard work & preparation to be the best he can be
  • Scott volunteered the last 2 years of his NRL career to the media. To learn & network so he could possibly move into that career after footy.
  • NFL have a model where their players must have 2 years tertiary education or trade before they can play in the NFL
  • Wayne Bennett gave Scott some great advice to go & get a job after he retired to settle into normal & everyday life
  • See advice from people who have been there & done what you are trying to do
  • Biggest Challenge for Scott was finding another high after his NRL career. As Game day was his high for so many years previously
  • To help Scott Transition he did a Brian Fitzpatrick personal development course which was a big help
  • Scott also read a few books that also helped with the transition
    1. Wayne Bennett - “Don’t die with the music in you”
    2. Pete Carroll - “Forever winning”
    3. Redemption - “How the All Blacks Defied History to Win the World Cup”
    4. Grit - “The Power of Passion and Perseverance”
  • John Lang gave Scott a motto to live by. 30 Seconds of courage. Everything worthwhile in life generally start with 30 seconds of courage
  • Scott went into Coaching after retiring to get his high through the teams he coached when helped
  • Find a 3RD place.
      1. Being business or work
      2. Family
      3. The 3rd place being YOU
    • Find a mentor that will tell you the truth & what you don’t want to hear to grow & move forward in life
    • If you can’t change the situation change your attitude
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