003: Josh Stuart Reveals Why He Thinks "NRL" Could Also Mean "Not Real Long"

003: Josh Stuart Reveals Why He Thinks "NRL" Could Also Mean "Not Real Long"

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Today's guest was one of the hard men of the NRL when rugby league was tough. If today's guest had played in the 80’s he would have been one of the best front rowers in the game in what was then a gladiatorial sport.

However the mid to late 90’s saw the NRL really trying to clean up its image. By the time the year 2000 rolled around, some would say the pendulum had swung too far in the other direction, and the sport has now become sterile. Today's guest was scrutinized closely by referees and the judiciary.

Growing up in the Northern Beaches he didn’t have to go too far from home to make his NRL (ARL Debut). He played for the North Sydney Bears from 1995 to 1999. The Merger of Manly and the North Sydney bears saw him play 2 seasons at the Northern Eagles before retiring in 2001.

He played a total of 108 NRL/ARL top grade matches and finished his career in the top 13 players of LEAGUES longest ever suspensions. 12 weeks for 2 high tackles in 1998 sitting just above John Hopoate. Today he his own Finance business in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Australian League Matches - By Team

Team Years App T
North Sydney 1993-99 111 5
Northern Eagles 2000-01 22 -
Overall 1993-2001 133



  • Trying to become a somebody & then trying to become a nobody
  • Another 10 years after professional career
  • Lost a boy Darcy
  • Depression
  • Buying businesses
  • Tony Mestrov - told him to go into finance broker so Josh checked it out
  • Don’t care what people think of him
  • Build relationships
  • 32 hours per week as a gymnast
  • Finding people to help him along his journey
  • Surround himself with successful people
  • Treat everyone the same
  • Respect your elders
  • 40 and above years
  • Find out what works for you in life
  • Employ the right staff in the right areas like a coach
  • Finding what you like (13 years at Jewel finance)
  • Runs his own schedule as a business owner
  • Challenge is staying motivated
  • Tried a heap of different things before he found out what he wanted to do
  • Dad was a hard worker
  • Be a better listener than talker.
  • Listen to older people that are wiser than you
  • Talk to people that are
  • how to win friends & influence people (become a people person)
  • Do a self assessment
  • It's all a numbers game. Know your numbers
  • Networking
  • Player manager are a
  • NRL = Not Real Long
  • Setting up their brand now while playing
  • NRL players should get a mentor who has succeed in life after footy & been through that transition already

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-stuart-3966919a/

Josh's company website - http://www.jewelfinance.com.au/